CM Invitation Code Content Access: Selling Codes Directly From WooCommerce Shop

Purchase the following WooCommerce product (*for free) to receive an invitation code for unlocking restricted content:

When you purchase the product, you will receive an invitation code to your email address. The email will also contain the link to the restricted page. Copy the code and use to unlock the restricted page by following the link from the email or by clicking on the following button:

The unlocked page will contain the guide about how to create and sell invitation codes directly from the WooCommerce Shop.

CreativeMinds Invitation Code Content Access Plugin for WordPress allows you to lock access to specific pages, partial content or files so that users must input the right code to access. Useful for promotions, last minute deals and any kind of campaign. Create and manage temporary codes that grant users access to specific pages or files!

For more information go to the plugin product page